Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SAMOYED by Marither

Long time ago, there were 2 great kings named Cafra from the kingdom of Catus (the cats) and Cani from the kingdom of Lupus (the dogs). King Cafra has a daughter named Faline and King Cani has a son named Lyca. King Cafra offered his daughter Faline to marry Lyca to merge the 2 kingdoms. However, King Cani didn’t agree with it. King Cafra befriended King Cani, until the time when Lyca and Faline became good friends and decided to get married.
Everything was in peace until the time when King Cafra became greedy to conquer the kingdom of Lupus. He was not contented of what he already has, but abused his power out of greed. His intention to offer her daughter Faline to marry Lyca was one of his strategies to conquer the kingdom. Another tactic was to take advantage of the weaknesses of his enemy as he befriend them. No one knew about King Cafra’s plan to conquer the kingdom of Lupus except his armies.
Faline gave birth to a boy named Samoyed, the heir to the throne of 2 kingdoms, but greed ruled in King Cafra’s heart. Since everyone trusted King Cafra, he took the advantage of it and betrayed them by conquering the kingdom of Lupus. King Cafra’s plan succeeded. King Cafra monopolized the kingdoms. He has the armies and the slaves but he felt empty. He has the kingdoms but he lost his family and true friends who died in the war.
Few years after the war, King Cafra was happy to find out that Samoyed was saved and kept during the war by the loyal servant of King Cani. The people of Lupus knew where the servant kept Samoyed but they didn’t tell King Cafra about it. King Cafra offered a big reward for those who can tell and find Samoyed. But the people of Lupus didn’t trust King Cafra anymore and would prefer to be slaves than accept the reward.
After few years, King Cafra suffered from regurgitating hairballs and died with full of guilt in his heart. Samoyed was brought back to the kingdom as the heir to the throne. The armies of Catus have reunited with the armies of Lupus and were all happy that King Cafra died. The slaves attained their freedom as they have continued to serve Samoyed in honor of their great King Cani and Princess Faline.
A leader leads by example not by force.

It is best to win without fighting.
–The Art of War of Sun Tzu

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AGILA by Marither

In the Animalia Kingdom, Agila was born on a crevice with  other chicks of Morphnus and Harpia. They have the most amazing nest that was ever built that other birds look up to.
The chicks were trained to master the art of flying as they were thrown out of the nest. Agila had developed hatred towards her parents as she had lots of injuries from the training. She couldn't understand the reason behind the torture of the training as her anger made her become defiant and stubborn.
For Morphnus & Harpia, as parents, they thought that their chicks would just understand as they get older and that providing them with an amazing nest and food are enough. They didn't know that their chicks need to feel their love and care as they learn to fly and not just throw them out of the nest. They were rough and authoritative toward their chicks that  lead to injuries and  trauma. For the parents, physical strength is enough to survive, but they are not aware that the affective side of their chicks is more important.
After several months, Agila learned to fly and  soared high as she left her family. She met Jefferyi who mastered the art of picking the twigs from Agila. They have a lot in common. They both love to eat fresh preys and the storm.  Jefferyi  wanted to meet Agila's parents, But Agila was firm of her decision of not going back home.
When they reached 40, they pluck out every feather on their body until they were completely bare. They stayed far away on the rocks as they have grown new feathers, then she realized that Jefferyi was right. She went back home with Jefferyi, she realized that her parents love her, she wanted to tell them how much she loves them and would like to apologize for what she has done, but it was too late, because they died while looking for her.
MORAL LESSONS: We are like eagles, as what Dr. Myles Monroe has stated on her 7 Principles of an Eagle: 1. Birds of a feather flock together. 2. No matter the obstacle, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it. 3. Steer clear of outdated and old information. Do your research well always. 4. We can use the storms of our lives (obstacles, trouble, etc) to rise to greater heights. Achievers relish challenges and use them profitably. 5. Whether in private life or in business, one should test commitment of people intended for partnership. 6. The people who love us do not let us languish in sloth but push us hard to grow and prosper. Even in their seemingly bad actions they have good intentions for us. 7. We occasionally need to shed off old habits & items that burden us without adding to our lives…


Sunday, April 5, 2009

PORTIA by Marither

Long time ago in the Animalia Kingdom, Latrona and Dectusia were known to be the great old widow spiders in the Arach community.  Their spiderlings were kept in their kingdom and would try to leave the kingdom or migrate anywhere just to be free from their wicked mothers who would control them as they get older.  They were trained to weave silk that provided shelters to other spiders and traps for prey.  Though they have poor eyesight and depend on vibrations, they were famous for weaving strong silk.  Even if Latrona and Dectusia were the most dangerous and hideous creatures, they were valued because they were the rich, powerful and famous.
Latrona and Dectusia took advantage of their power to control the whole kingdom. They were not contented with the power and prestige, they were even greedy and selfish to destroy innocent and friendly spiders and insects that would get into their kingdom, until the time that their economy crashed and they experienced starvation.
The two widowed spiders knew about Portia who live in a small web but with abundant food which was far away from the kingdom. They ordered the spiders to bring her to their kingdom to seek help from her.  Portia is an intelligent with excellent vision.  They offered her to be the heir to the throne just to save their starving kingdom. Though Portia was trained to be evil by her wicked black widowed mother as she felt it runs through her veins, she was confused in becoming one of them when she met and was attracted to a small spider named Phin from a place called the UV Web as he offered her gifts of food always.
Phin was a threat to Latrona and Dectusia so they called all the female spiders to destroy Phin.  They didn’t know that Phin and the other male spiders that the widows destroyed were the only hope in saving the kingdom and not Portia.  When Portia knew about it, she sought help from her friendly insects to hide Phin as they run away from the kingdom.
Portia obeyed Latrona and Dectusia as she persevered and succeeded to be the next ruler of the kingdom. Though she was trained to be evil, her loving heart for Phin controlled her to be good.  She was loved by the Arach community as she has shown great leadership with respect for others.  After several years, Latrona and Dectusia were too weak and dying.
Portia told Latrona, Dectusia and the whole Arach community that her secret for having abundant food was not to destroy the male spiders nor the friendly insects, but to help them as they help the kingdom to survive from starvation. Latrona and Dectusia apologized for what they have done as they blessed Portia to be the next ruler of the kingdom.  Phin came back for her as he guided her to rule the kingdom with love and honor.

MORAL LESSONS:  Follow your loving heart and not your wicked thoughts. Good leadership involves respect and care for others. Perseverance is required to achieve a certain goal.  Don’t let other people rule your life, but live to the fullest with love and honor.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ARGUS by Marither

Somewhere in India, there was a peacock named Argus, famous for having stunning plumage.  He was known to be sociable, smart, cocky and loud. He was fond of showing off his plumage to attract peahens.
Hera is the exact opposite of Argus, a peahen with dull plumage. She was genuine, conscientious, clever, with a very clear vision that can see even the details, but shy because of her plumage.
One day, Hera was lost in the forest when she heard an infuriating crow that lead her to meet Argus. She was annoyed of his crow, but he has an amazing plumage. She hates him because of his appalling crow at first but she started to like him every time she sees his colorful plumage. But they can't stand being together because of their differences. She told him that they can never be together because she can never be deaf not to hear his awful crow, while he can never be blind not to see her dull plumage. Their criticisms to each other lead offensive. Due to friction, they part ways in the forest.
Hera was lost in the forest. Argus has found her, guided her back to him and helped her reach home safely. They were both determined to reach home. While they were walking, Argus controlled to crow, and Hera controlled herself from criticizing. They can’t believe that they could somehow stand to be together just to reach a common goal….to be back home safely. They realized that even if they are too opposite and could hate each other, they can live symbiotically in achieving a certain goal, which requires patience, understanding & perseverance.

MORAL LESSONS:    Respect the weaknesses of others.  Each has its own.  Your strengths could be the weaknesses of the other, and your weaknesses can also be the strengths of the other. Use your strength to help others, instead of hitting their weaknesses. If we’ll let our individual differences rule, we’ll never reach our common goal.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GALLUS by Marither

Somewhere in Northern China, there’s a town called Shochet, a hopeless place for birds. Once there was a cockerel named Gallus who wanted to be like his dad who was a famous cock fighter. After the death of his dad in the cockpit, all the cockerels were frightened and discouraged to join the Hotspur (a club for cock fighters), except for Gallus, who was brave enough to persistently practice and prepare himself to join the club.  For him, he preferred to die as a cock fighter than be placed in a cage for poultry.
Gallus tried to convince his fellow cockerels to join the Hotspur Club because it is the only way to free themselves. But all of them were weak, hopeless, lazy and have prepared themselves for poultry.  Gallus did not get discouraged, but instead, he persevered to join the club.
After days of hard work, practice, discipline, determination and patience, his skills were noticed and was invited to join the Hotspur Club. He couldn’t believe he had made it. His family and friends were still pessimist and told him that: whether we like it or not, we’ll all die. Gallus made them realize that there’s still hope in the town of Shochet. That, yes we’ll all die, but we have the choice to live longer, stronger and meaningful. “It’s not how you die, but it’s how you live.”

MORAL LESSONS: Have faith in yourself and be optimistic. Determination, patience and hard work are needed to attain your goals and objectives successfully. Life is too short to worry on death/problems, so live life to the fullest.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

GAUCHE by Marither

In Antarctica, the male penguins hatched their eggs, while the female penguins looked for food. One day, there was a male penguin named Gauche hatching his eggs. The mother penguin was lost while looking for food in the ocean. While Gauche was hatching, a golden penguin came. Gauche was astounded because of her color. The golden penguin helped him and gave him food for the season, then she left without a reason.

After a while, Gauche met a silver penguin. He was astonished of her color and impressed with her skill in catching fish. He was supplied with fish for the whole season, then again she left without a reason.

The next season, a gentoo penguin arrived without anything. She was so sad because she couldn’t catch a fish, for she was still a tyro. Gauche taught her how. He told her all the techniques that he learned from the golden and silver penguins. The gentoo penguin admired him for that. She felt privileged that Gauche had told her everything. She would love to stay more to learn but the golden & silver penguins arrived. His attention focused on the 2 penguins.He was tactless to tell them everything about the gentoo penguin, even the most delicate parts that made the gentoo penguin lost her confidence about herself. He was fond of telling the other penguins about the gentoo penguin. They were laughing and happy talking about the gentoo penguin, while she suffered emotionally and psychologically. Gentoo penguin already had the skill in catching fish, but the traumatic incident made her weak & dying.

THE FILTHY PIG by Marither

In a white piggy place, there was a town called “Spick-and-Span”, the cleanest place of all, because all the pigs eat vegetables even they are omnivorous. Nobody was allowed to eat meat to preserve the cleanliness of their town because meat for them was considered as a “disgusting food”.
One day, a stubborn pig named Filthy was curious to eat the so called “disgusting food”. He learned to like it. He has acquired a taste for meat. Until, their town started to smell awful. When they searched for the cause of the disgusting smell it came from Filthy.
For punishment, he was placed in a cage for several days until he himself realized how disgusting his fart & putty were because of eating meat. After that, he promised himself that he will never eat the ”disgusting food” again.

RAUCOUS by Marither

Once there was a town of worms living underground. One of them was Raucous, he is smart, hyperactive but stubborn. Their Muggy place has a boundary on top, and nobody attempted to go beyond the border because all the worms were scared, for they were told by the elders that it is the “Danger Zone”.

Raucous was so curious to find out what’s up there. So he did. He found out that there were sharp objects when his body part was cut. All the worms were so worried about him. They were all sad because Raucous lost his body part. But after few days he rejuvenated. But Raucous was still curious and stubborn. When he had his body part back, he climbed up again, until he reached the “Danger Zone”.

After that, Raucous wasn’t able to return back home to the Muggy place, because when he reached the top of the soil, a boy stepped on him. ;-)


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