Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SAMOYED by Marither

Long time ago, there were 2 great kings named Cafra from the kingdom of Catus (the cats) and Cani from the kingdom of Lupus (the dogs). King Cafra has a daughter named Faline and King Cani has a son named Lyca. King Cafra offered his daughter Faline to marry Lyca to merge the 2 kingdoms. However, King Cani didn’t agree with it. King Cafra befriended King Cani, until the time when Lyca and Faline became good friends and decided to get married.
Everything was in peace until the time when King Cafra became greedy to conquer the kingdom of Lupus. He was not contented of what he already has, but abused his power out of greed. His intention to offer her daughter Faline to marry Lyca was one of his strategies to conquer the kingdom. Another tactic was to take advantage of the weaknesses of his enemy as he befriend them. No one knew about King Cafra’s plan to conquer the kingdom of Lupus except his armies.
Faline gave birth to a boy named Samoyed, the heir to the throne of 2 kingdoms, but greed ruled in King Cafra’s heart. Since everyone trusted King Cafra, he took the advantage of it and betrayed them by conquering the kingdom of Lupus. King Cafra’s plan succeeded. King Cafra monopolized the kingdoms. He has the armies and the slaves but he felt empty. He has the kingdoms but he lost his family and true friends who died in the war.
Few years after the war, King Cafra was happy to find out that Samoyed was saved and kept during the war by the loyal servant of King Cani. The people of Lupus knew where the servant kept Samoyed but they didn’t tell King Cafra about it. King Cafra offered a big reward for those who can tell and find Samoyed. But the people of Lupus didn’t trust King Cafra anymore and would prefer to be slaves than accept the reward.
After few years, King Cafra suffered from regurgitating hairballs and died with full of guilt in his heart. Samoyed was brought back to the kingdom as the heir to the throne. The armies of Catus have reunited with the armies of Lupus and were all happy that King Cafra died. The slaves attained their freedom as they have continued to serve Samoyed in honor of their great King Cani and Princess Faline.
A leader leads by example not by force.

It is best to win without fighting.
–The Art of War of Sun Tzu

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