Sunday, January 25, 2009

RAUCOUS by Marither

Once there was a town of worms living underground. One of them was Raucous, he is smart, hyperactive but stubborn. Their Muggy place has a boundary on top, and nobody attempted to go beyond the border because all the worms were scared, for they were told by the elders that it is the “Danger Zone”.

Raucous was so curious to find out what’s up there. So he did. He found out that there were sharp objects when his body part was cut. All the worms were so worried about him. They were all sad because Raucous lost his body part. But after few days he rejuvenated. But Raucous was still curious and stubborn. When he had his body part back, he climbed up again, until he reached the “Danger Zone”.

After that, Raucous wasn’t able to return back home to the Muggy place, because when he reached the top of the soil, a boy stepped on him. ;-)


1 comment:

  1. What do these words mean?

    • raucous – disorderly, boisterous-lack discipline
    • muggy – humid, warm, moist
    • rejuvenated – regenerate, restore to an original/new condition