Sunday, January 25, 2009

THE FILTHY PIG by Marither

In a white piggy place, there was a town called “Spick-and-Span”, the cleanest place of all, because all the pigs eat vegetables even they are omnivorous. Nobody was allowed to eat meat to preserve the cleanliness of their town because meat for them was considered as a “disgusting food”.
One day, a stubborn pig named Filthy was curious to eat the so called “disgusting food”. He learned to like it. He has acquired a taste for meat. Until, their town started to smell awful. When they searched for the cause of the disgusting smell it came from Filthy.
For punishment, he was placed in a cage for several days until he himself realized how disgusting his fart & putty were because of eating meat. After that, he promised himself that he will never eat the ”disgusting food” again.

1 comment:

  1. What do these words mean?

    • filthy – dirty
    • spick-and-span – clean
    • omnivorous – an animal that eats plants and meat
    • disgusting - Repulsive, distasteful