Sunday, April 5, 2009

PORTIA by Marither

Long time ago in the Animalia Kingdom, Latrona and Dectusia were known to be the great old widow spiders in the Arach community.  Their spiderlings were kept in their kingdom and would try to leave the kingdom or migrate anywhere just to be free from their wicked mothers who would control them as they get older.  They were trained to weave silk that provided shelters to other spiders and traps for prey.  Though they have poor eyesight and depend on vibrations, they were famous for weaving strong silk.  Even if Latrona and Dectusia were the most dangerous and hideous creatures, they were valued because they were the rich, powerful and famous.
Latrona and Dectusia took advantage of their power to control the whole kingdom. They were not contented with the power and prestige, they were even greedy and selfish to destroy innocent and friendly spiders and insects that would get into their kingdom, until the time that their economy crashed and they experienced starvation.
The two widowed spiders knew about Portia who live in a small web but with abundant food which was far away from the kingdom. They ordered the spiders to bring her to their kingdom to seek help from her.  Portia is an intelligent with excellent vision.  They offered her to be the heir to the throne just to save their starving kingdom. Though Portia was trained to be evil by her wicked black widowed mother as she felt it runs through her veins, she was confused in becoming one of them when she met and was attracted to a small spider named Phin from a place called the UV Web as he offered her gifts of food always.
Phin was a threat to Latrona and Dectusia so they called all the female spiders to destroy Phin.  They didn’t know that Phin and the other male spiders that the widows destroyed were the only hope in saving the kingdom and not Portia.  When Portia knew about it, she sought help from her friendly insects to hide Phin as they run away from the kingdom.
Portia obeyed Latrona and Dectusia as she persevered and succeeded to be the next ruler of the kingdom. Though she was trained to be evil, her loving heart for Phin controlled her to be good.  She was loved by the Arach community as she has shown great leadership with respect for others.  After several years, Latrona and Dectusia were too weak and dying.
Portia told Latrona, Dectusia and the whole Arach community that her secret for having abundant food was not to destroy the male spiders nor the friendly insects, but to help them as they help the kingdom to survive from starvation. Latrona and Dectusia apologized for what they have done as they blessed Portia to be the next ruler of the kingdom.  Phin came back for her as he guided her to rule the kingdom with love and honor.

MORAL LESSONS:  Follow your loving heart and not your wicked thoughts. Good leadership involves respect and care for others. Perseverance is required to achieve a certain goal.  Don’t let other people rule your life, but live to the fullest with love and honor.

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  1. Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals.
    Latrona - from the word LATROdectus, a genus, in the family Theridiidae, that contains approximately 31 recognized species of venomous spider.
    Dectusia – from the word LatroDECTUS.
    Spiderling – a baby spider.
    Phin – from the word Phintella Vittata species (male spiders).
    UV - Ultra Violet rays have been found for a spider courting females. Invisible to the human eye, are very much visible to the eight-legged arachnids in courtship rituals.