Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ARGUS by Marither

Somewhere in India, there was a peacock named Argus, famous for having stunning plumage.  He was known to be sociable, smart, cocky and loud. He was fond of showing off his plumage to attract peahens.
Hera is the exact opposite of Argus, a peahen with dull plumage. She was genuine, conscientious, clever, with a very clear vision that can see even the details, but shy because of her plumage.
One day, Hera was lost in the forest when she heard an infuriating crow that lead her to meet Argus. She was annoyed of his crow, but he has an amazing plumage. She hates him because of his appalling crow at first but she started to like him every time she sees his colorful plumage. But they can't stand being together because of their differences. She told him that they can never be together because she can never be deaf not to hear his awful crow, while he can never be blind not to see her dull plumage. Their criticisms to each other lead offensive. Due to friction, they part ways in the forest.
Hera was lost in the forest. Argus has found her, guided her back to him and helped her reach home safely. They were both determined to reach home. While they were walking, Argus controlled to crow, and Hera controlled herself from criticizing. They can’t believe that they could somehow stand to be together just to reach a common goal….to be back home safely. They realized that even if they are too opposite and could hate each other, they can live symbiotically in achieving a certain goal, which requires patience, understanding & perseverance.

MORAL LESSONS:    Respect the weaknesses of others.  Each has its own.  Your strengths could be the weaknesses of the other, and your weaknesses can also be the strengths of the other. Use your strength to help others, instead of hitting their weaknesses. If we’ll let our individual differences rule, we’ll never reach our common goal.

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  1. • argus - is a type of bird in the family Phasianidae and is closely related to pheasants and peacocks
    • plumage - refers both to the layer of feathers that cover a bird and the pattern, colour, and arrangement of those feathers
    • hera – from a greek myth that Hera placed the hundred eyes of her slain giant Argus on the tail of her favorite bird.
    • peahen - female peafowl
    • peacock – male peafowl
    • conscientious – careful
    • clever – smart
    • dull – lacks liveliness
    • infuriating - irritating
    • crow – utter shrill sound
    • squeaky – high pitched sound
    • awful – terrible
    • symbiotically - an intimate association between two species, which benefits both