Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arthropoda by Marither

In the Insecta Kingdom, there was an  organization called the Arthropoda which composed of the following groups:
  1. A group of religious praying mantises;
  2. A group of crickets – the loud, superstitious believers;
  3. A group of loyal, selfless but aggressive and impulsive termites;
  4. A group of highly sociable, skinny, vegetarian phasmids;
  5. A group of competitive, independent, strong roaches;
  6. A group of attention seeker, immature, lazy grasshoppers.
One day, the organization decided for a Presidential election. The candidates were the group leaders:. Manti for the group of praying mantises, Cricky for the crickets, Termy for the termites, Phasmy for the phasmids, Roachy for the cockroaches & Hoppy for the grasshoppers.
Each has its own platform:
  1. Manti – We only have a short life span, therefore, everyone should be religious for them to be saved;
  2. Cricky – It depends on the stars;
  3. Termy – It depends on my queen;
  4. Phasmy – Every insect will be healthy vegetarian;
  5. Roachy – It is only through competition that we’ll become strong. Therefore, there will always be competition. Whoever wins, will help me decide for our organization.
  6. Hoppy – Well, I will just hop from one group to another.
During the election…..
Termy dropped his candidacy to protect the queen. Phasmy was rushed to the hospital. Hoppy got lost from hopping. Manti was caught of cannibalism. Since there were more crickets than cockroaches, Cricky became the President, and every insect in the organization followed the stars.

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